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Green Sprawl take 2!

May 4, 2011

Green Sprawl is beginning its second year at Fuller Avenue CRC. As the season has been transitioning to spring, so has the garden been adjusting to some changes. Its founders, Ben and Paige, traversed the country and relocated to Washington, leaving the reins of Green Sprawl in other capable hands. In their absence, the Green Sprawl committee has taken things in a new direction. There are seven raised beds, and we’ve decided to divide each one into two plots, and those plots are available to area residents and neighbors.  This is the pilot year for this, so we’re hoping to encourage people to take advantage of this exciting opportunity by offering the plots free of charge. We’re currently still getting people matched with their plots, but it does look like they are all taken at this point. We will let you know if there happen to be any still available.

Besides the actual gardening, we are planning this year to again offer educational classes and workshops open to the public. We will keep you updated as to when those will be happening. We are excited to get people energized about the goodness of homegrown food and the richness of working in community.

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